Independent risk research for the digital economy.

 Reimagining risk management, mitigation and transfer in an age of disruptive innovation and global crisis.

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When faced with unprecedented new risks we need fresh approaches.

Octocol's mission is to research and test new ways to build resilience design against new and emerging risks.
Our Research

Research Areas

Decentralised Finance

DeFi Risks:

Smart Contracts, Litigation, Digital Asset Protection, Cybercrime.
Decentralised finance aims to provide open, accessible, and secure financial products to anyone, without the need for intermediaries. Octocol explores mechanisms to help people better understand smart contract, protocol and exchange risks as well as risk transfer solutions to build a safer DeFI ecosystem for all.

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Climate Risk

Climate risk requires new responses.

Global, cross-border and collaborate.
Climate risk is one of the greatest challenges facing our world today. It is no longer a question of if, but rather when and how, we will face the impacts of a changing climate. Octocol researchs how we can better respond to the existential threat posed by climate risk and protect people impacted by climate-fuelled natural disasters.
Insurance Digital Infrastructure

Redefining insurance infrastructure.

 Building efficiency and trust.
Despite advancements in technology, the insurance industry has yet to experience significant disruption. Our research focuses on identifying and implementing technologies, tools, and systems that increase efficiency while enhancing customer experiences.
Our Programmes

Insurance OS

Focus Areas
  • Decentralized Insurance
    New approaches to assessing and pooling risks, broadening access to DeFi insurance ecosystems, developing new risk assessment products.
  • Workflow Transformation
    Working towards an evolutionary leap in insurance workflows from pricing models to fully operationalized machine learning.
  • Zero-Knowledge
    Supporting insurance adoption of ZK protocols making information sharing secure, efficient and transparent.
Proof of Concepts.
Developing applications focused on customer-centric user interfaces, open access and integrations.
Insights and Intelligence.
Detailed insights and market intelligence on the decentralized finance and insuretech ecosystem.
Supporting the ecosystem in understanding and responding to the risks and opportunities of a new age for insurance.

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